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Oct 15, 2018

Whether it’s because of the dire warnings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or the pressure from consumers to do better, businesses are slowly starting to incorporate sustainable practices into every facet of their operation.  Real sustainability, not just greenwashing, is being demanded but where can CEO’s and business leaders get authentic information, samples of best practices, and verifiable results?

There is no shortage of ‘sustainability experts’ with varying degrees of credibility.  Often, businesses do have reliable resources within their own locality.  GreenEconomyCanada is one example, a network of six Green Economy Hubs, each tailored to understand local community needs and apply global standards.

In today’s EarthMatters we speak with Mike Morrice, Executive Director of GreenEconomyCanada, and later attend the launch of an online, interactive, sustainability toolkit initiative taken by one of those hubs, SustainableHamiltonBurlington.

Green Economy Canada works with community organizations to launch, grow, and promote Green Economy Hubs across Canada. Green Economy Hubs support local networks of businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets — bringing together, empowering, and celebrating businesses as they achieve their goals.

Green Economy Canada builds in community organizations to launch and grow Green Economy Hubs by providing training and resources, tailored support, amplified impact, and a supportive community of practice, and mobilizes network-wide funding, engage in policy discussions, and share stories of success to demonstrate that a more sustainable economy is possible.

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington is a non-profit social enterprise serving the neighbouring cities of Hamilton and Burlington in Ontario, Canada. It is dedicated to inspiring sustainability leadership in business organizations for a healthier environment and thriving, prosperous community.